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At Reedy Fork Farm, we know that organic feed is an important part to having healthy, happy animals. That's why we use the finest quality of organic grains, vitamins and minerals. As a certified organic farm, we use no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides, and none of our grains are genetically modified.Quite simply, we take the best and make the best, so your animals get the very best organic feed.
OUR FEED IS...•Certified Organic•GMO Free•Pesticide Free•Sourced in the USA

Available in 25lb or 50lb bags, by the quarter, half, three-quarters or full ton tote as well as auger trailer loads (up to 23 tons).

We sell a lot of feed, eggs, and beef from Reedy Fork Organic Farm. But our biggest product is milk, sold at your grocer’s under the Organic Valley label. We milk our girls two times per day, and each of our cows gives from 35 to 40 pounds of delicious, nutritious, milk. The hormone free, nonGMO, certified organic milk is sent to Organic Valley, then used for the delicious cheese, yogurt, and just plain good milk that you have come to know and trust.Our commitment isn’t just to good taste, though. We go ‘beyond the plate’ by eliminating pesticides, and helping to keep our environment and our community as nature intended. We also are a part of keeping our local small family farm economy strong by purchasing from and selling to other businesses similar to ours.So next time you’re in the store and purchase Organic Valley dairy products, know that you’re not only helping keep your family healthy. You’re also contributing to the health of the environment and small business economy!

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